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Why Us

Wide Selection of Roofing Services in Perth

One thing that draws a lot of home owners into being clients and customers of Nu-Roof Restoration is our various roofing services in Perth. We have also been famed for our roofing services which includes cement tile roof restoration, terracotta tile roof restoration, point last roof restoration, Roof Painting, roof coating and roof cleaning.

Quality Materials and Superb Workmanship

Another thing that keeps Nu-Roof Restoration’s clients and customers highly satisfied is their ability to perform roofing jobs that are always above average in terms of workmanship. This superb workmanship can be highly attributed to Nu-Roof's personnel who are no less than professionals when it comes to roofing jobs. Their personnel are highly trained to perform easy to complicated roofing jobs making the end results very much pleasing to home owners.

Reasonably Great Prices

Affordable prices do not always mean low quality and Nu-Roof Restoration is one proof of such statement. Although their roofing services are considered lower compared to other roofing companies, quality and workmanship is never compromised at Nu-Roof. Customers and clients can save up on premium roofing services without having to worry of badly done roofing jobs or poorly done roof repairs. Nu-Roof never compromises quality of material and fine workmanship in exchange for a few bucks!

Excellent Customer Service

At Nu-Roof Restoration, customer satisfaction is top priority. Happy customers are our customers. All inquiries and messages received from clients are dealt with within the shortest time possible. Outcomes and end results of all roofing jobs are always checked upon to be able to review and improve existing procedures in their various roofing services.

Areas of expertise

Roof restoration Storm damage Specialise in repairs
Insurance Work Re-Roof Ridge cap repair
Concrete coatings Re bedding External painting
Re pointing   Gutter and downpipe replacement


Why Us?

We are honest, reliable, professional and committed to provide our customers the best and most top quality possible with 100%+ satisfaction!!!

What We Do?

Want to increase the value of your home? If your thinking about selling your house and want to get the money it is really worth or even doing it for your house to stand out from the rest, then just call to arrange a viewing time and we will come out …

How It Works?

All broken and chipped tiles are replaced with brand new tiles to help stop leaks and other damage occurring. Because we do a full re-coat on your roof, you don’t need to worry about these tiles looking out of place by being less faded and new…

What's New?

Check out our latest selection of roofing services..